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Dwight Baird Biography 


Born in Canada in 1957, he continues to reside there, in Montreal. He was educated at St. Lawrence College of Applied Arts and Technology and McGill University.


Dwight Baird tries to find beauty where most people would never dream of looking; on winding backstreets, in narrow alleys and darkened doorways. He often walks for miles, always following the sun. His work is based on four elements: light, color, dynamic composition and unique subject matter. He paints the sadness, joy, hope and despair of humanity within a social context and setting.


When he travels, he paints smaller studies and takes photographs. He works with acrylic paint on a Masonite panel, which is primed with three coats of gesso and lightly sanded between each coat. He views his work "contemporary realism"; a combination of larger, big brush impressionist strokes and subtle squares juxtaposed with highly defined focal points.


The subject and style of his work are in constant evolution as he discovers new places and new techniques. His most recent series of works depicts the daily struggle in Cuba, primarily the streets of Havana. These works are not just paintings, but also a collection of historical documents of a country anchored in the past, struggling in the present, but on the verge of dramatic change.


Although Dwight Baird is based in Canada, he has shown his work throughout the Northeast. Over the past fifteen years he has won numerous of first places in shows as well as Best of Show, and Awards of Excellence and Merit.

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