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DON REED Biography

Don Reed was born in 1950 in Bangor, ME. During his early childhood he moved from place to place, throughout the country, until 1961 when his family settled in southern Maine. While living in South Berwick, ME, he attended his first oil painting classes in a little fishing shack in picturesque York Harbor, ME., at the age of 12.


In 2001 with the support of his wife Susan, Don began actively exhibiting his paintings at art festivals in the New England area. The shows were successful and many of Don's watercolors received awards. However, he felt limited by the medium and began to consider a new direction. In 2004 Don took a giant step back to his first art instruction by squeezing out some oil paints and reconnecting with the landscapes, cityscapes, and seascapes of New England. 


In 2007 Don made another change in his approach to painting which surprised many in the New England art community. Some thought that this new direction was too radical and that, sooner or later, he would return to more traditional painting. But slowly the work found admirers and, gradually, he realized that he had discovered his own distinctive painting technique, which set his work apart from the mainstream. From 2007 to 2013 Contemporary Fragmental Impressionism continued to evolve until in 2014 he put down the brushes and picked up a palette knife taking a major step toward perfecting the painting style you see today. Don looks forward to this approach to painting continuing to grow, evolve, and bring joy to those who view it today, and for years to come.


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