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Greg Stones Biography

Greg Stones is a graduate of Bates College where he majored in Studio Art and minored in Music. Since 1997 he has spent his time working full-time as an artist. Stones chooses to work primarily in miniature because he feels that watercolor is more easily controlled when confined to a small area. However, such a small scale also forces Stones to truly focus on each painting, and block out the rest of the world. Stones comments, “People tend to respond to the humor, nostalgia, pathos, and beauty in my work, for which I am incredibly grateful.”

Stones likes to tell stories. That is an important part of how he works. He enjoys the power his work has to cause a reaction in the viewer. Having painted almost every day for many years, Stones finally feels that all of the ideas and methods he has explored over the years have gelled into a fluid means of saying exactly what he wants to say. Although it is certainly enough for his paintings to be simply beautiful, he enjoys a painting even more when it has something to say.

Early in his life, Stones aspired to be a cartoonist. With that eye, he takes in everyday life, and that is what he draws on and translates into the subject matter for his paintings. The painting process itself is quite simple. Stones sketches an image on a fresh sheet of paper, fills in the darkest shadows with India ink, and then finishes by layering on the watercolor. A painting can take anywhere from one to more than nine hours of work.

“Beauty in itself can be a statement pointing to the way life should be. However, placing a figure in a landscape is a great way to create a Rorschach-like narrative.”



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