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Eric Tardif Biography

Eric Tardif grew up in Canada on the shores of the majestic St. Lawrence River, which is recognized around the world as an exceptional bird observation center. At first a young naturalist, he spent countless hours in the nature reserve of Cape Tournement.

His passion for wild birds, their natural elegance and gracious movement became the inspiration for his creativity in sculpture.

By using steam, Tardif forms walnut, Canadian maple, ash, cherry, and elm, giving life to birds’ movement. The choice of wood adds touches that are sometimes voluptuous, sometimes solemn.

From his passion for nature in all its wild vastness, come graceful shapes that are crystallized by the artist in all their intimacy, and immortalized in their movement. The treatment of the wood by the sculptor becomes the singular expression of his untamed spirit.

Mr. Tardif has won numerous awards in New York and Japan.

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